At Sabios, we believe that tax considerations should never be the primary driver of business, but we also believe that such considerations should never be overlooked. Our tax offering is expansive and covers all tax heads, for both individuals and businesses.

Sabios’ strength lies in our ability to turn complex tax legislation into straight-forward answers for you or your business, and to ensure that you understand matters from beginning to end.

Our expertise means you will never pay more than you have to – and only after taking advantage of all efficiencies.

Tax Planning

Our relationship with clients is long term – and it always will be. What happens today is important but what might happen tomorrow is never far from our thoughts. Our advice to individuals and companies will be based on interpretations of the most recent legislation and industry practice, but with equal consideration for what may happen in the years to come. That means protecting your interests now – and into the future.

Tax Consultancy

We advise individuals, businesses and Companies across a wide range of matters, including:

  • Property acquisitions and disposals (and how such property is held)
  • Business sales and acquisitions (and on the type of vehicle used to achieve this)
  • Company re-organisations
  • VAT on transaction activity across all types of industry
  • Farming, farmlands, VAT and succession planning
  • Estate and succession planning

Tax Audits / Investigations / Appeals / Litigation

Ensuring that taxpayers pay the correct amount of tax – and no more – is important.

We are one of the few firms in Ireland qualified to advise on the accountancy aspects of taxation as well as the underlying legislation. This means we are uniquely placed to handle tax interventions from start to finish – without the need to engage third parties at additional cost, saving you money.

The Sabios team have the technical knowledge and relevant experience to handle everything from straight-forward audits to more complex and serious investigations and appeals.


Tax Transactions

It is important to ensure that potential tax liabilities are identified and minimised before commitment to enter into a transaction occurs. Investigating this after such a commitment is given can be an expensive mistake.

At Sabios, we will ensure that your interests are protected; your tax liabilities will always be minimized, allowing you to make the most of your financial resources.


Share Valuations

It is a poorly-kept secret that the valuation of private Company shares is a focus for the tax authorities.

Valuations of family company shares which are being passed down as part of a succession plan are certainly in the cross-hairs of tax collection activity, as are shares in family companies being disposed of as part of a re-organisation or retirement planning and/or entrepreneur relief.

The tax implications of shares begin with their value at the date when they were acquired (not necessarily always the price paid) and end with their value on the date of their disposal (again, not always the price received for them). Ensuring that you have a valuation that will stand up to third-party scrutiny has never been more important. Any re-stated value can seriously increase your tax bill.

At Sabios, we have over 30 years’ experience in valuing shares. Knowing which method of share valuation is correct, given a particular set of circumstances, is crucial. Knowing how a wind farm company’s shares will be valued differently to a plant hire company’s shares is essential. At Sabios, we get this right. Every time.

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